Friday, 9 October 2015

Sydney Day One

We flew to Sydney on the day after the trip to Frankland Islands and arrived there in the afternoon. As we had booked a nice hotel at the Kings Street Wharf, I was really looking forward to a complete make-over in the bathroom. I really loved spending the previous week in my bikini, thongs and shorts and not putting any make up on, but it felt so good to dress up again. After 2 hours in the bathroom I finally felt ready for Sydney, so we started with a nice walk to see the main attractions, meaning the famous Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I am usually not that much into those typical sights, but I love great architecture and both the bridge and the opera are really impressive buildings. We continued our exploring tour with a stroll through the Rocks. Do you remember my post 'Germans everywhere'? Guess what - there was a Löwenbräu Keller and there were even people dressed in 'traditional' Austrian and German clothing (I put traditional in quotes, because for me it looked more like costume and I would never put on a Dirndl like that). There was also a similar restaurant in Cairns on the Esplanade and there is even an Octoberfest coming up in Adelaide this weekend. Also the lady at the campervan hire company told me that the Australians just love our culture and everything that goes along with it. Since I have been in Australia for more than 3 months now and talked to quite a few people, I can finally understand the reasons for that: SO many Australians have German roots and I stopped counting how often I heard the sentence: "Oh, you are Austrian. My grandma/grandpa was from Germany." Anyways, I guess I got off the track a bit here: Sydney is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, but just see for yourself: 

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