Saturday, 17 October 2015

Keep calm and blow bubbles

Today Julia, Nicole, Valeska and I went diving with Diving Adelaide to search for some leafy seadragons, which are only found along the southern and western coast of Australia. We drove to Rapid Bay in the morning, all of us being a bit hungover from the Oktoberfest last night, but as soon as we jumped into the water we suddenly were all wide awake, because the water here is still pretty cold (16 degrees). We spent 45min under water, diving around the old jetty and just before we were about to ascend we spotted one leafy hiding in between some seaweed. After the dive we hung out on the beach to warm up again and had BBQ together later on. We had a really lovely Saturday at Rapid Bay and right now I am very tired, but very happy: It was the first time that I felt pretty confident while diving!

Can you spot the leafy seadragon?

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