Monday, 5 October 2015

Roadtrip North Queensland Day One & Two

As we were a bit dogged by bad luck during our trip, not only the camera broke down, also the campervan we had booked one month in advance was involved in an accident and we were notified only two days before we flew to Cairns. So we had to search for another camper, which turned out to be not that easy, because currently it is high season in Queensland. As we could not find a camper before we left Melbourne, we booked a hotel for the first two nights in Cairns and after our daytrip to the reef we finally got a booking confirmation for a camper, which we could pick up on Saturday afternoon. It turned out that we were even better off with the new camper, because it was much bigger and better equipped than the one we had booked first. So after picking up the car we immediately headed north the coast to Cape Tribulation, which is a 3 hours drive from Cairns. We took the Daintree Ferry across the river and stayed at a campsite in the tropical rainforest - coolest experience ever!

On the second day we were woken up by those typical rainforest sounds, made our camper ready to start and drove to Cape Tribulation Beach, where the rainforest meets the reef - so beautiful! Afterwards we did a boat tour at the Daintree River to spot some crocodiles, which are very common in Queensland, especially in the North. We were lucky and saw five of them and one thing is for sure, I would not like to get closer to them, because they look so mad and for them we are just food. So spots where you can actually go into the water without ending up as croc food are very rare in this region, but at least there are a few freshwater spots in higher elevations of the region, where are no crocs at all. One of them is the famous Mossman Gorge, which we visited late in the afternoon to cool down a bit. As it got dark, we started searching for a campsite for that night and ended up at Ellis Beach, which is the most beautiful campsite ever - amazing sunrise, mango and orange trees, many palm trees and a beautiful beach. 

Trinity Beach

Campsite in the rainforest

Cape Tribulation Beach

You will find those signs on almost every beach.

Daintree Rainforest - one of the oldest rainforests of the world

Mossman Gorge

Ellis Beach

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