Monday, 12 October 2015

Kangaroo Island

I spent the last weekend exploring Kangaroo Island with some of my international exchange friends (to be precise: Gitte, Jeppe, Rasmus, Tobias, Christian and Kris from Denmark, Max from Germany, Connor from the UK and Kelly from Lebanon). As we were a big group we booked a 2-day tour with Tom's Tours, which is a smaller local company run by Tom himself and I loved that he was actually part of the group and not only the 'guide'. On Saturday we had been to some great beaches on the North Coast of the island. The beaches are one of the best I have seen so far in Australia and I was amazed by how crazy blue the water is around the island. After hanging out on the beach, we headed to a Wildlife Park and I had the chance to finally hold a Koala, which was one of the best experiences here so far - they are so cute and fluffy, I would have loved to bring one with me back to Adelaide. Also it was pretty cheap, 15$ per person, which is half of the price that all the other wildlife parks in Australia charge. I also liked that the park was quite small and not that touristic, which I guess is also the reason that their kangaroos are so relaxed. Just check out the photo of the kangaroo with the sunglasses on and you will know what I mean. 
We spent the night on Kangaroo Island in a farmhouse on the western end of the island and ended the day with relaxing by a cozy bonfire while listening to the sheeps and koalas making weird noises. 

On Sunday we drove to the Flinders Chase National Park, where the Admirals Arch and the famous Remarkable Rocks are located. We enjoyed the coastal scenery there and took many awesome photos, before we drove to Vivonne Bay, which has one of the best beaches in Australia. Unfortunately, we could not go for a swim there, because it was way too chilly on that day, but at the same time this was also a bonus for the next stop of our trip: Little Sahara. The conditions for sandboarding where perfect on that day and sliding down the white dunes is so much fun - especially if you do it together with Gitte and go backwards - I have to admit that we were better at screaming than at boarding. After each of us had collected tons of sand in their pants, we headed to Seal Bay to watch the seals sleeping in the sun on the beach. When it comes to animals Kangaroo Island offers a range of typical Australian animals, so we also made a stop on the way to the ferry to watch a pelican feeding. To recover from this action-packed day, we had cider and beer in a Pub while we were waiting for the ferry.

The trip to Kangaroo Island was simply awesome, not only because the island has to offer so much, but moreover because of the good company. Gitte, Jeppe, Kris, Max, Rasmus, Christian, Tobias, Connor and Kelly - Thanks to all of you for joining this trip! I had so much fun and right now my abs are still hurting, because we were never running out of jokes :)

And now it's time for a serious photo overload (also included two short videos at the end of the post):

Pennington Bay

KI Wildlife Park

KI kangaroos are the cutest ones ...

... and the coolest ones

Stokes Bay

Remarkable Rocks

Admirals Arch

just one of those crazy endlessly seeming roads on KI

Vivonne Bay

Little Sahara

sandboarding race - team denmark won big times

Seal Bay

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