Thursday, 22 October 2015

Morialta Falls

While I am busy procrastinating and pretending that the due date for my next assignment is not existing, I somehow totally forgot to tell you what we did last Friday - We went hiking in the Morialta Falls Conservation Park, which is a 40 min bus ride from the CBD. As it was Max birthday his mum also joined us for the hike and it was so nice to finally have a mummy around again. I mean she brought mandarins for all of us, had so much food in here backpack that we could make a nice picnic after the hike and even carried a birthday cake and candles with her - how cute is that? :D We did the Three Falls Grand Hike, where we were supposed to see 3 waterfalls as the name already tells you, but somehow we only saw two and even missed the main one, although we always sticked to the signs - Don't ask me how that could happen, but I think it's just too funny. The weather was supposed to be much better that day, but we ended up walking through the rain, which we did not mind at all, because it was so refreshing after the heat the previous days. 

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