Friday, 24 July 2015

Into the wild - Part One

The reason we (= German and Austrian Adelaide Crew) drove to Alice Springs was a 3 day camping tour in the Northern Territory we had booked two days before we left Adelaide. The last days were all about driving through the Red Centre of Australia in a little bus, collecting firewood, hiking, bush walking, watching sunrises & sunsets, sleeping outside in a swag by the bonfire, cooking outside, counting shooting stars and just enjoying the beautiful nature and having a good time with newly made friends.
On the first day we were picked up by our tourguide Ben at 5.20 am to head to the Uluru, where we did the base walk. I have seen the Ayers Rock many times before I came to Australia on photos, but I had not expected this rock to be that big - in fact it is pretty impressive when you stand just right in front of it. After the base walk we drove to a car park to watch the sunset - it was so stunning, because the Rock shines bright, which makes it look so unreal. As soon as the sun set it got really cold so we drove to a camping site near Uluru to make a huge bonfire. The first night was freezing - it had -2 degress - but Valeska (best swag buddy ever) and I decided to sleep outside rather than in the tent so that we could see the beautiful starlit sky, which was just breathtaking.

my German sweeties

collecting firewood

The Rock Tour Bus


German and Austrian Adelaide Crew 
Fabian, Lisa, Nicole, Julia, Valeska, Max & me



  1. mega schöne Fotos Astrid - ich hätte meinen Blog auch während Australien starten sollen, weiter so :*

  2. dankeschön das ist ganz ganz lieb - freu mich sehr :)