Sunday, 4 October 2015

Great Barrier Reef

As I am back in Adelaide and also back to proper WiFi access, I can finally share some more impressions of my Spring Break Trip with you, starting off with photos of our snorkelling trip at the Great Barrier Reef. We booked a daytrip to the Hastings Reef, which is part of the huge GBR, during our stay in Melbourne to avoid disappointments in Cairns. The company was called Reef Experience and compared to other companies it was one of the cheapest, meaning 195 bucks per person, which is a lot, but spending this amount of money is really worth the experience. We could do a lot of snorkelling during the day and we also booked two dives in advance, but I had to abort my first dive because of a bad tooth squeeze and could not go for another one, because it would have been too risky. Anyways we had a really awesome day exploring the reef and I enjoyed every minute of it (not counting the tooth squeeze moments here :D )

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