Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sundays like this

Be prepared for a serious photo overload of the most amazing Sunday I ever had since I arrived here in Adelaide (already 2 months ago - can't believe that!). In the morning we headed to one of the cutest markets I have ever been to - the Market Shed on Holland. They sell everything I love - nice coffee, fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, home-made granola, cakes, muffins, wood oven pizza and they offer a huge range of healthy organic dishes. I could have spent all my money on their products. It is such a perfect place to hang out on a Sunday, because they also have tables outside, where you can sit down and enjoy your lunch in the sun while listening to live music. I will definitely spend some more Sundays on that market. After each of us had too much food, we took the bus down to Brighton to have a long walk down the beach and we discovered a little paradies in Adelaide, because that area really looked like a holiday destination. As we already felt a bit hungry after the 40 minutes bus ride, we had coffee and cake in one of the cafes at the beach promenade. Afterwards we got down to the beach, took our shoes off and walked about 5 km up north to Glenelg Beach. It just felt so good to have the sand and salt water under your feet and the sun on your face and actually I finally got a bit of tan today :) When we arrived at Glenelg Jetty, we again grabbed some take-away food (yep, I guess we are all a bit too much into food), sat down at the beach and watched the sunset.

Perfect Sunday! <3

Brighton Beach

Julia, Gitte, Tom, Lisa and me

Glenelg Beach

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