Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula - that's how the area in the south of Adelaide is called where we spend the weekend. Today we slept in, had breakfast together and then drove to Horseshoe Bay, where we took some photos, enjoyed the sun and then left again for Murray River, which was not worth taking pictures though. In the evening we took part in a penguin tour on Granite Island and even saw two cute little penguins. Now we are back at our house, having dinner together and playing the werewolf game again and again. I wish we could stay in that house together for the rest of the exchange semester!

Horseshoe Bay

trying to look like badass ninjas - fail #1

trying to look like badass ninjas - fail #2

Serife, Emma, Fabian, Nicole, Tanja, Valeska, Efe, Lisa, Julia and me (missing Nantke, Niklas, Max and Chloe on that picture, because they didn't manage to join us before the penguin tour - blame the traffic)

Granite Island

on the way to the penguin tour

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