Thursday, 3 September 2015

Uni Life

I guess it sometimes seems that I am not studying at all, but in fact I am doing 4 courses this semester at the University of South Australia: International Economics, Marketing Principles, International Management Ethics & Values and Business & Society. Altogether the courses are worth 26 ECTS at my university in Vienna, which is pretty much, because I would have to take up to 7 courses in Austria to get that many credits. So far it has been the most relaxing semester I have ever had and I never felt busy in the past two months. In fact I often manage to finish my assignments one week before they are due. I guess the reason is that two of my courses are for first semester students, so they are pretty easy. Before the semester started I was a bit concerned that I might have troubles understanding the tutors and lecturers, but the things I don't understand in class are the ones I wouldn't get in German either :D 

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