Thursday, 20 August 2015

New Home

Together with Julia I share an apartment by Unilodge, which is just right next to our campus. I enjoy living so close to university - I can sleep in almost every day and moreover I can always go home in-between lectures and tutorials to cook lunch, grab some coffee and chill on the sofa. Back home in Vienna it sometimes takes me up to 40 minutes to get to university, I never liked the food in the canteen very much and having lunch in some of the other restaurants on campus almost every day is just too expensive in the long run. Of course I miss my lovely modern flat in Vienna, because I furnished it the way I wanted, I love the feeling of wooden floor under my feet and I just don't want to get started on my beloved bed, which I miss so badly. In our apartment in Adelaide we have everything we need and I also feel comfortable here, but being at home here is just not the same feeling and let's just call it what it is: We have carpeted floors - pew! :D BUT this amazing view every evening makes me forget my apartment in Vienna immediatley:

16/08/2015 6pm

... 10 minutes later

yesterday's sunset

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