Thursday, 6 August 2015

Just do it

When Julia (for those of you who don't know: she is the other student from our university back home that was chosen for UniSA) arrived here almost three weeks ago, we strolled together through the city and had some really delicious cold pressed juice on Rundle Street. That's were we stumbled upon a flyer for the Lorna Jane Active Living Room Classes and immediately decided to give the Abs & Butts Class a try. So this week we have been there for the second time and I enjoyed it very much. Our trainer is very motivating and I can feel that the excercises are effective, so I am planning to go there at least two times a week, because one class is only 5$, which is cheap if you compare it to other fitness centres and classes here in Adelaide and it is also a good complement to running, which I enjoy so much here because of the great running tracks. I am a bit proud of myself - finally managed to conquer my weaker self. 

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