Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Funday

I don't know whether you can tell the difference of the quality of the photos or not - but these photos are a collection of pics taken with Paul's smartphone, my smartphone and the reflex cam, before it decided to pass away, leaving me alone with my goddamn bad iPhone camera. I don't know how that could happen, but it just broke down while taking photos and I personally hate having low quality photos of beautiful places. I hope I will find a store somewhere in Melbourne tomorrow, where they can fix my camera again, because the Spring Break Trip has just started!! Thank god we still have the GoPro... Anyways we had a really nice Sunday today, starting with a lovely breakfast in a cafe close to the place where we are staying. Then we headed to St Kilda to hang out on the beach, before we took the tram to the CBD to enjoy lunch in a cafe in Degraves Street. The afternoon was spent at Brighton Beach - the beach itself is definitely not the best, but the little bathing boxes are just so picturesque. In the evening we had a really delicious dinner together with our hosts to celebrate Tom's 16th Birthday and afterwards we played two rounds of pool with the boys at home - what a lovely Sunday!

yummy breakfast - Vienna is definitely a good place to be in terms of coffee, but I have to admit that Melbourne is probably even better ;-)

finally found the perfect heart shaped sunglasses <3

St Kilda Beach

Luna Park


Flinders Street Station

Melbourne Skyline

Brighton Beach

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