Friday, 18 September 2015

First day in Melbourne

The first stop of our Spring Break Trip is Melbourne. We got up today at 6am and flew to Melbs, where we got picked up at the airport by Chris, who is a friend of my father. Paul and I are staying at their place in Melbourne for the next 6 days and what can I say? Their house is one of the most charming and classiest homes I have ever seen. It is so nice to finally live in a real home again, even if it is just for a few days and it was really good to finally see Chris' family again (we spent a skiing holiday together last year in Austria), not to mention that they are the friendliest hosts ever.

In the afternoon we headed to the city centre to explore a bit of Melbourne and just stroll around, because Paul and I were both a bit tired. I really enjoy being in a big city again after such a long time and the view from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower was stunning! Unfortunately the weather is even worse than in Adelaide and it doesn't seem that it will get much better until we fly to Cairns next Thursday and we really wanted to a daytrip to the Great Ocean Road - but for now we just have to wait and see. However, Chris will take us to a horserace tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday we will celebrate Tom's Birthday - I am really looking forward to this weekend!

For now I will just leave you with my first impressions of Melbourne - Enjoy!

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