Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Less is more!

I have always been that kind of girl who defined herself trough personal belongings. I never cared about having the latest iPhone like other people at my age do, I always loved having and wearing new and nice clothes. Since I started studying in Vienna 2 years ago, I shopped pretty much which sometimes shocks me when I open my wardrobe. Knowing that I "only" have two suitcases to put my stuff in for half a year made me change my mind. It was essential for me to stop thinking that I need all those bags and shoes and dresses, otherwise I would have been very upset now. I packed my suitcases with pieces that can be easily combined with each other and it turned out that these were the same pieces which I wear most of the time. So since I am here in Adelaide I cannot complain about having "only" 4 pairs of jeans instead of 20 to choose from in the morning. I quite like the fact that it is so much easier to get dressed in the morning not spending 20min thinking about what I am going to wear.

PS: No, this will not mean that I will stop shopping clothes forever -  BUY LESS CHOOSE WELL :)

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