Saturday, 25 July 2015

Into the wild - Part Two

On the second day of the tour we got up very early and drove back to Uluru to watch the sunrise and have breakfast there. Afterwards we headed to Katja Tjuta and went hiking there for 3 hours. I liked this day of the tour the most - the scenery was impressive. I just cannot understand why the Uluru is so famous and most people have never heard about Katja Tjuta. Sleeping outside on the second day was so cozy - it was a lot warmer, but unfortunately the sky was covered with clouds so that we could not see the stars again, instead Valeska and I saw a Dingo that night at our camping site, which wanted to grab our rubbish (insert excitement here!).

Katja Tjuta

amazing cloud formations


Valley of Winds


*photos taken by Valeska - thx :)

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